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The area is located to the eastern part of Nyika National Park (eastern face of Nyika escarpment). It is to the Western Part of Livingstonia plateau and it is 145km from Mzuzu. The area is dominated by high Nyika Plateau, which rises to 2500m above sea level. Coffee is generally grown in these areas ranging from 1200m t 2500m above sea level. The Nchenachena area has altitude of 1300m while at Livingstonia, the altitude is 1500m above sea level.


The soils of this escarpment are the best in the Coffee growing areas of the North. These are formed on the Karros beds and are as acidic as those formed on the basement due to natural leaching.


 The average rainfall at Nchenachena and Livingstonia is 1760mmm and 1806mm respectively. The Northern and western parts normally receive more rains than the rest of the areas. The mean annual temperature ranges between 16 – 19 degrees Celsius with a mean monthly range of about 7 degrees Celsius, in July the coldest month and November which is the hottest month.


The area produces high quality Coffee especially growers from Chakaka, Mphachi, Salawe, Junju and Vunguvungu areas. The area produces 14% of all the Coffee marketed by the Union while the number of growers is estimated at 14% of all growers.

Structure of the cooperative

                Farmers –-------------General assembly (777 Farmers of 552 male and 225female)


Business Centers------------- There is Board and contact farmers (32 centers and 32 contact     farmers)


               Zone Centers –--------------- There is Board (13 Zones)


              Cooperative- ---------------- There is Board and management (15 Board of Directors and 13 Management and Staff Members)